Christ Can Heal You

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Product Description

Just because the subject of pornography hasn’t yet come up around the dinner table doesn’t mean that the folks you eat with aren’t consuming it. Statistics clearly state that most of the people you know are secretly watching or struggling with the urge to find it. Is that a shock to you? Or are you glad to know that you're not the only one?

People with sexual addictions feel like they are isolated and the only one struggling. But the fact is:

1. We are not alone

2. Christ is the only avenue for Redemption and Freedom.

3. Being transparent about porn addiction is part of the journey to freedom

4. The testimony of our struggle and healing can be used by God to help others

This t-shirt is designed to boldly acknowledge that only Christ can heal us from our sexual addictions, while allowing the person who is wearing it to be transparent about his or her own sin and about the journey of redemption from it.

You don't have to be a level five addict to wear this t-shirt. Even if you're just lured by porn or if you struggle with lust in your mind you have a testimony to share. When we are fully "sanctified" as the Scriptures say, we only want what is good and holy before our eyes. We want to love and cherish our own spouse (even if you don’t have one yet). In our opinion, unless you're completely healed and your sexual thoughts are totally pure (which is possible according to the work of Christ's resurrection) you can wear this outrageous t-shirt and challenge the people in your life to have the uncomfortable conversation about the dirty little secret that is destroying their lives.

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